Reliable Wireless

Wireless is a line of business technology

802.11, Wi-Fi, Wireless. Call it what you like, you use it on daily basis. It may be provided as a courtesy to guests, used to offload cellular data or required to process Point of Sale transactions on tablets.

Regardless of your business’s use, it needs to work and it needs to be secure.

The omnipresence of mobile devices requires environmental analysis and planning for proper implementation. Business wireless is not plug and play. DHCP scopes, VLAN configuration, subnetting, content filtering, bandwidth shaping must all be reconciled with budgets, potential exposure and convenience.

Failing to consider any aspect can cause everything from slow internet to exposure of company and client data. We possess the tools and experience to properly design and execute wireless with your business in mind.

Let us know how we can solve your uncabled communication needs today.