Who We Are

We are digital communication technologists

"invinovo" - "To invent anew"

With decades of experience in Business to Business solutions experience, our staff has provided the tools for thousands to succeed. We’ve worked with many industries including:

 Retail Sales
 Law Practices
 Distribution Channels
 Sales/Marketing Agencies
 Hospitality Providers
 Auto Repair Facilities
 Insurance Agencies
 Engineering Firms

We haven’t seen it all, but almost everything sounds familiar

The Cloud is something we live

Many providers will sell their customers Cloud solutions that they do not use themselves or only in limited capacities.

No aspect of our business would not exist without it.

Our (this) website, support ticketing system, telephone numbers, web chat, email and accounting platform are all from cloud based providers. We are part of a small niche of unique IT solutions providers that purposefully do not maintain a physical office. The address at the bottom of our site also the result of the Internet of Things.

That’s right, our entire staff is remote (US based). We get that not every company or industry can do this.

Want to know our secret? We stay efficient while keeping your and our information secure. We’ll tell you how over the phone or as part of our $0 Assessment.

We pass the cost savings, solutions experience and happy staff to you.